Thursday, March 25, 2010

Help! I'm dreaming scary stuff and can't get out!

Have you ever watched that movie "28 Days Later"... well if you haven't, I won't spoil it, but I haven't been able to ever finish that movie from start to end because I'm too chicken shit to find out how it ends. The movie gets to this one point and then I get thinking about- "What if this ever happened in real life? Would I have what it takes to survive? Would I be able to remove myself from the mindset of maternal love to survival mode? And where exactly would I go?" Once these things get into my head, I have a hard time getting rid of them and re-assuring myself that nothing like what happens in that movie, would or could ever, actually happen in real life, and even if a similar situation ever presented itself, I would have to rely on my faith in the Canadian Government to step in to protect citizens like myself. There would be safety measures in place, right?

I have always dreamt quite vivdly. From a very early age, I could easily recount what I dreamt about, who was in it, what we did, where we went, etc. And it must be a genetic thing, as my daughter now also dreams like this. When the dreams are good things that I actually want to dream about, hey, great! I love having this ability. But when they aren't so great, and I can't seem to figure out how to wake myself up, ugggnhhh... This ability can be quite resented.

So last night I dreamt that a very similar situation to that of in the movie "28 Days Later" happened. I was in a high rise apartment, up on one of the higher floors, looking out of a sliding glass patio door to a devastated city below. A deserted, and heavily looted city, still smoking from some of the fires that had burned in the days or weeks beforehand. Cars were piled and over turned in the streets, garbage and paper was strewn all about and there were dead bodies lying everywhere. It was dusk, so the sun was setting and I was starting to feel the anxiousness the night brought.

I wasn't alone in this apartment, one of my co-workers, Erin was there, and another girl whom I do not know. I guess between the three fo us, we had some kind of nightly watch system in place, so Erin & I were getting ready to take our post for the night. In this apartment there were two balconys- each faced opposite ends of the apartment. One faced a scenic oceanfront while the other faced the ruins of the city. Erin & I decided that we would sit out on the "ghetto" balcony for a while to watch for anything that moved, or any sign of life, or rescue. Anything.

The logical thinking part of me asked where my husband and daughter were? Then the sad realiziation sunk in that they must not have made it. They must have not survived otherwise they would be right here with me. It was just me. Me, and Erin and this girl I had no idea who she was. And I would never see my daughter's beautiful face again or hear her devilish laugh. Or feel my husband's warm soft hands rubbing my back re-assuringly, as he always does.

All of a sudden a helicoptor was heard in the distance and then appeared. It was dropping what looked like troops into the middle of the city. Then we saw ambulances and police cars racing out to them, with lights and sirens. Erin & I were screaming at them from our balcony -"HEY!!! Over here!!! We're alive!!!!" We just kept screaming and the burning in my throat became unbearable, until nothing could no longer come out.

We had been spotted and heard. A flood light was put up to us in our building, and we were waving frantically. Erin & I woke up the strange girl, and headed out of this apartment we hadn't left in who knows how long. We must have booby trapped this place to the hiltz, as there were so many obstacles to over come to get down the stairs to that bottom floor. We made it down to a fire exit out the side of the ground floor of the building. The people we called to were in sight, maybe a few blocks away. I yelled - "Hey! Over here! There are 3 of us! We are the only survivors left around, we think." There came no sound from these 'rescue workers' as they approached us. Just nodding, with their heads down. Then one looked up, its eyes all red and hissed... then the rest of the army that was with this infected person looked up- all of their eyes were red and they all starting hissing and running towards us girls.
Quickly I grabbed Erin and the other girl and headed back into the apartment building. "They're infected!!! We have to get out of here!!" the girl kept screaming. Trying to scamper back up to our apartment amongst the piles of shopping carts, broken glass piles, furniture, debris and mattresses, we could hear the people banging on the door until finally there was a horrible screeching sound, like a tin can being peeled back.

"Oh God! They're in!" I kept thinking... "What are we going to do once they climb over all this shit like we are. We are going to be trapped rats..."

At this point, I managed to finally wake myself up. FINALLY! I was covered in a cold sweat, and panting. I groggily looked around my room, and realized I'm okay, I'm in my bedroom, safely in my house. My husband was snoring beside me, it was just a really REALLY bad dream. I look at my alarm clock- 2:40am. Everything is okay.

The only problem now is getting your mind to wind down, after dreaming about something like that. Then the incessant questions start- "I wonder if I did survive? Did we ever get rescued, or did we become one of those things too? Wouldn't it just be easier to just give up and become one of those things already? 4:41 am rolls around, and I'm still trying to get my mind to go numb. Think about Joshua Jackson. Naked. Think of shoe shopping with a platnium card. Work. Anything! Just go back to sleep already!